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CEO, Mountain Guide (UIAGM/ IFMGA) and Alpine Rescuer
Anders is one of the first professional mountain guides in Sweden. He started his career in the beginning of 80’s as skier and alpine climber. Anders made among other things many climbing expeditions in the Himalayas and skied and guided several years in the Alps. However, his great passion and love for Polar areas drew him to more remote mountains in the Arctic and in 1991 he founded Arctic Guides. The vision was the same as today: To expertise in guiding in the Polar areas.

Anders has been working as alpine rescuer since 1987 and has worked with developing the mountain safety with different groups and authorities. He has also made several expeditions to Antarctica as safety expert for research teams.

One of Anders’ great passions is heliskiing. He has been guiding heliskiing in the Arctic over 20 years and is one of the first and most experienced heliski guides in Sweden.


Mountain Guide (UIAGM/ IFMGA) and Alpine Rescuer

Mike has been working as professional mountain guide since 2003 and as alpine rescuer since 1994. He has a background as military mountain guide since 1998 and has thus gone through some of the toughest trainings and missions on the mountains around the world. He has also worked, like Anders, several times as safety expert in Antarctica.

Mike moved to the Swedish Lapland in the early 90’s. He loves the isolated Arctic alpine areas and all the activities it offers. Mike is a professional when it comes to survival skills in the polar conditions.  He doesn’t trust luck and is always well prepared by the smallest detail. Mike is a sympathetic and relaxed guide who makes everybody feel at ease in any condition.


Mountain Guide (UIAGM/ IFMGA)
Martin is a passionate skier and climber. He has been working and living on the mountains in different parts of the world since 1995 but feels most home in the Arctic. Ski touring and exploring new terrains in the Arctic wilderness is what makes the day for Martin.

Martin has several years of experience of guiding and ski patrolling in the Swedish Lapland and Northern Norway where he has his base. He is an easy going and popular guide and instructor who never compromises on safety.















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