Svalbard is a fantastic place for ski touring and expeditions in all levels. Despite its arctic location Svalbard is easy to reach but still one can enjoy total wilderness.

Our ski expeditions and tours in Svalbard are taking place in May and June. During our journeys we will be travelling through the incredible scenery with glaciers, pointed mountains, endless open landscapes with arctic wildlife.

Arctic Ski Cruise
During this expedition we will be cruising along the west cost of Svalbard with our ship which will be our base for the whole trip. The days will be filled with ski touring in the best areas and upon the return to the ship the evening continues with wildlife watching in midnight sun.

Nordic Ski Touring
A ”classic” ski expedition where we will be crossing Svalbard’s arctic landscape with skis and pulka (sledge). We will be camping surounded by the beautiful nature where also polar bears might be seen. A ski expedition in Svalbard is a fantastic experience and also a good base and training for longer arctic ski expeditions.

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Arctic Ski Cruise

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Nordic Ski Touring
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