Alpine ski touring Abisko-Riksgränsen-Narvik/ Sweden, Norway

The Arctic Lapland offers many opportunies for wonderful ski touring. The area around Abisko and Riksgränsen in North Sweden and Narvik in Norway has plenty of beautiful peaks for different levels of tours. During March-May we arrange a variation of alpine ski touring from tours to beginners to more challenging ski touring. You can join to our one day programs, week programs or to tailored programs.

Alpine ski touring Lyngen/ Norway

Lyngen or ”The Lyngen Alps” as the mountain area East of Tromsø is called is famous for its dramatic, sharp peaks and fantastic skiing. Lyngen is a peninsula surrounded by fjords and mountains making the scenery for ski touring very spectacular. In Lyngen we have programs for alpine ski touring in April and May. The tours always start at the sea level and the climb is often around 1500 meters to get to the top. For joining these tours previous experience of ski touring is needed as the terrain is challenging.

Nordic pulka ski touring Abisko and Kebnekaise, Sweden

Ski touring with nordic ski equipment and with a pulka (sled) is the traditional way of travelling over long distance in the nordic mountains. This is also the way of travelling in longer polar expeditions.  From January to March we organise nordic ski touring in the area of Abisko national park and Kebnekaise. Our tours are of different lenght and are tailored to fit always to the group’s previous experience. During the trip we will be living in tents. This tour is a perfect training tour if you are planning a longer polar adventure for example in Svalbard.

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